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Dive Into the New Age of Elevated Human Analysis

Human Development Hub Provides Genetic Assessment Services for Both Research and Education.

"Know Thyself."

Leading a fulfilling life begins with understanding yourself on the deepest level possible. HDH provides a comprehensive analysis of your raw DNA data that offers insight on your psychology, neuroendocrinology, epigenetic, body composition scan, a targeted blood profile, and use of advanced microbiota testing.

Who are you? Really.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:


  • What is my purpose in life?

  • What am I naturally inclined to succeed at?

  • What type of environment will lend itself to my success?

  • What motivates me?

  • What fuels my passion in life?

  • What am I looking for in my life partner(s)?

  • Am I predispositioned to suffer from depression/burnout?

  • What is my optimal macro nutritional balance? How much physical activity should I get?

  • How can I improve my cognitive function?

  • What is the right work/life balance for me?

  • Am I an introvert or extravert?

DNA in a tube.jpg

Raw DNA Test

Extracting raw DNA data gives us access to deeper genetic insight.

Complete Microbiota Test

You do not want to overlook the importance of a healthy gut. The internal balance of your bacteria, achaea, protists, fungi, and viruses affects many aspects that constitute a healthy life. The microbiota test assesses this balance and reveals opportunities to improve.

Body Screening

Homeostasis is about maintaining the proper balance of your bodily conditions to keep it operating at peak capacity. It’s too easy to lose this balance in the modern world. HDH helps assess and correct the balance so every organ and internal chemical can operate in concert.

Blood Work Test

HDH analyzes your blood count, iron level, metabolism, and other factors to help you sleep better, eat healthier, avoid vitamin deficiencies, and improve your overall quality of life.

Cognitive Performance Analysis

Have you ever wondered how your brain works? What influences a person's cognitive function? HDH helps identify factors that impact your computing capabilities, attention span, memory, and other brain functions.

3D Scans

Get Started with Initial Consultation

Not sure if these assessments are right for you? Come in for an initial consultation with our team of experts and HDH walks you through our process and help you decide on next steps.

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