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Human Development Hub is founded upon the belief that balance is the key to everything. Our mission is to help people understand how the Body, Brain & Mind intersect and the impact their relationship has on every aspect of our lives.

Unprecedented Analysis. Impeccable Reliability.

Imagine having the foresight to know the academic area(s) of study in which you or your child are most inclined to succeed. Human Development Hub (HDH) helps you attain a clearer understanding of what makes you, you. This clarity serves as a guiding star when selecting college majors, career paths, and making other significant life decisions.


The HDH system recognizes that people, despite society's best attempts, do not fit squarely into a particular box. Your personality and potential are largely influenced by the billions of possible combinations in your DNA. We endeavor to help you uncover your genetic predispositions and identify opportunities to lead the most successful and meaningful life possible.


Think of the human body as a vessel that’s responsible for safely storing what lies within. A vessel is most effective and lasts longer when it has a sturdy, reinforced design. The body, when properly cared for, well nourished, and kept free from harmful substances, protects and sustains you over the course of your life.


The brain is the computing center in the body. It processes imperceptible amounts of data in a fraction of a second, all while running life-sustaining functions without missing a beat. Its health and well-being are a pivotal part that enables us to succeed.


The human mind and its capacity for logic, computing, and emotion is an essential ingredient for a life worth living. Understanding the intricacies behind keeping the mind healthy leads to a longer and more fulfilling life.

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Our Services

-  Raw DNA test
-  Complete microbiota test
-  Body screening
-  Blood work test
-  Cognitive performance analysis
-  Initial consultation

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